Blackstone invests $123m in two Hyderabad office projects Deal Street Asia Madhurima Nandy April 4, 2018 Rs800 crore investment developed by Salarpuria Sattva Group.

Alexander Kadakin, Russian envoy and ‘friend of India’, dies of heart failure The Russian ambassador to India, Alexander Kadakin, died here on Thursday, the Indian External Affairs Ministry said. Jayanth Jacob, Hindustan Times January 26, 2017 “Russian ambassador Alexander Kadakin, a career diplomat and an unabashed Indophile, died in a city hospital on Thursday morning after a heart attack. He was 68.”

Indian Election 2016

After a deal went south, Cambridge Analytica employee, Romanian Dan Muresan,  was poisoned. He worked for Indian Billionaire Amrish Tyagi, son of JD(U) leader KC Tyagi, who owns OBI-SCL/SA Partner. Pul-Olivier Dehaye, co-founder of PersonalData.IO, had heard reports that Muresan was paid by [Tyagi] who wanted Congress to lose elections. “So he was pretending to work for one party but actually paid underhand by someone else.”-@kelly2277

Trump card: son of socialist Indian psephologist to read Asian American pulse By Ananya Sengupta September 17, 2016 “The Janata Dal United, a party from the socialist stable, has a “secular” alliance in Bihar that defeated the “communal” BJP. It’s a professional assignment and has nothing to do with his political beliefs, insists Amrish Kumar Tyagi, son of K.C. Tyagi and a psephologist, who was booked on a plane to the US early Saturday morning. “My job is to find out the psyche of the Asian community (in America), their demands, expectations and fears, and convey them to Trump’s team,” Amrish, 38, told The Telegraph over the phone. “We will also design campaign messages to draw the community in, and create databases for Trump’s campaign.” Amrish owns a psephology and campaign consultancy firm called Ovleno Business Intelligence Private Limited, founded in 2010, which worked for Nitish Kumar and Arvind Kejriwal in last year’s elections in Bihar and Delhi, respectively. “Some of Trump’s aides had come to India in 2011 and were impressed with how we work here. Later, they approached us for this job and we agreed,” Amrish said. “Now the son of a senior Janata Dal United politician [AMRISH TYAGI, above], will try to help Trump win the Asian American vote in the run-up to the November US election.” h/t @MsMariaT

‘How can you win elections with a mobile phone?’ Amrish Tyagi of Ovleno Business Intelligence, the Indian partner of Cambridge Analytica, tells us just how this can be done 

Why Donald Trump needs to play around certain tricks India Times November 7, 2016, By Amrish Tyagi “Working at the ‘War Room’ in Texas, from where the countrywide campaign is micromanaged, it became even more obvious that not only were the pollsters increasingly applying the profiling data in their campaigns, but the presidential candidates were too. Based on our brainstorming sessions, Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix rolled out a series of suggestions. Trump wooing Indian voters with an advertisement in Hindi, his daughter-in-law Lara Yunaska Trump celebrating Diwali at a Hindu temple in the key swing state of Virginia, and Trump saying, “The Indian and Hindu community will have a true friend in the White House”, were all part of a strategy to reach out to the Indian-American community.” h/t@kelly2277