Right Wing Watchdogs

These organizations provide information and data which feeds the Right Wing Media with biased “facts/statistics”, sometimes fabricated news, and are used by Public Relations and Lobbying firms to push an agenda. They are often connected by the same wealthy individuals, who construct the agenda and policy via organizations such as the Council for National Policy, the Heritage Foundation think tank, corporate control of legislators via ALEC, and stack the Judiciary via the Federalist Society.

FACT-Foundation for Accountability and Civic TrustMatthew Whitaker, 100% funded by the Koch Brothers’ Donors Trust 2014-17, Open Secrets.  2016 IRS Form 990. 1717 K Street, NW, Ste. 900, Washington DC 20006, Whitaker received $402,000 compensation, Neil Corkery received $30,000.

Project Veritas

Judicial Crisis Network